Published 2 July 2014 - the sequel to 'Deadly Jewel':

The Eye of Shiva by Sam Taylor


Shiva Kiran and Zokar Rizian are living in a changed galaxy.  The Galactic Union is rebuilding their fleet, led by a furious Empress hell-bent on avenging the destruction of her battle fleet by the humans.  Earth and the Fey alliance are battling for existence on the edge of a galactic empire which wants them obliterated.  But old alliances within the empire come back to haunt Zokar Rizian, and he finds himself on the outer with his captain.  Now published at the special introductory discount of 99c Kindle and $8.99 print.

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Tales from the Perseus Arm (anthology series published by SGA):

The "Tales from the Perseus Arm" science fiction anthology brings together an exciting new string of science fiction authors, hand picked for their incredible writing ability, and led by the industry icon John Gribbin of the UK.  Authors from the United States, Britain, Germany, Ireland and Australia combine their diverse talents to bring you story after story that will keep you enthralled, and have you reading this one over and over again.   Everyone will find a story or two they love in this book.

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Deadly Jewel by Sam Taylor

Zokar Rizian is a cold-blooded murderer and a self-seeking scavenger.  But in committing an unexpected act of friendship, he becomes an unlikely hero.  Laura St James is an unsuspecting young girl trying, with little luck, to be just like everybody else.  She does not consider herself a terrorist.  But with one impulsive act, all that changes and she becomes an unlikely villain.  These two just can’t get it right.  Things get a whole lot more messy when they are forced into an uneasy alliance to protect a planet that nobody else thinks is worth saving – Earth.

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Natira, Child of the Clouds by CM Martin

A young woman called Natira, struggling to stay alive using her talents as a thief and a harlot, has no idea that she has the power to topple a monarchy.  Nor does she realise the lengths to which others will go to stop that happening.  What dangers will she face when the powers that be recognise the extraordinary power she wields?  Journey with Natira as she discovers her destiny in the amazing world of Abonyia.

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Dissolution by Debbie Painter

In a world gone inexplicably wrong, Peter Ogden is torn between love and duty as he feels greatness slipping from his grasp.  He looks within, struggling to understand his own flaws.  He certainly doesn’t think to blame his mysterious servant girl for the misfortune that dogs his every move.  His heart is ensnared by the losses of his past, and his future seems unclear.  Will his inability to grasp the changes flowing around him be fatal to Peter and everyone around him?

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Coming Soon:

Tales from the Perseus Arm (Vol 2) edited by Sam Taylor

More from John Gribbin, Rachael Kelly, CM Martin, Sam Taylor and Salvatore Lombard, as well as new authors Steve Guest, Tim McLean and Patricia Burn.  Anticipated publication date July 2014


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