Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is an Australian author of short stories and novels in the science fiction and romance genres.  Sam is a brilliantly entertaining author with a wicked sense of humour and fun (for which the staff at SGA now know to be on the lookout).  Author of over 98 short stories and three novels, Sam tried his hand at editing for SGA for the first time when taking on the 'Tales from the Perseus Arms' anthology as editor.  The results speak for themselves, not least in that Sam managed to corral such authors as John Gribbin, the UK science and science fiction author of over 20 novels, to contribute to the anthology.

Sam's book 'Deadly Jewel' can be purchased on Kindle by clicking here.  A print copy is available here.

If you wish to contact Sam, the email address is here.

 C M Martin

Author of over 250 short stories and a novel "Natira, Child of the Clouds."

CM is the kind of author that can have you believing you are sitting in the room with her characters, and her prose style is one that you will return to again and again just for the sheer luxury of reading the tapestry of words that she weaves onto the page.  With a loyal fan base, which eagerly awaits every word she types, CM is an author devoted to her task and her readers.

C M Martin's book "Natira, Child of the Clouds" can be purchased on Kindle by clicking here.

A link to C M's website is here.

John Gribbin

John Gribbin is a brilliant man.  He is a scientist who writes about Quantum Physics in terms the ordinary reader can understand ("In Search of Schrodinger's Cat"), and also writes science fiction novels.  He has written 20 books to date and is immensely popular in the UK.  John contributed the wonderful short story "Artifact" to the first "Tales from the Perseus Arms" anthology in 2013, and his new story "Easy as Pi" appears in Perseus 2.

To purchase "Tales from the Perseus Arm" for your Kindle click here.  For a print copy click here.

 If you wish to contact John, the email address is here.

Debbie Painter

Debbie Painter has written several short stories and was recently published in ‘Tales from the Perseus Arm.’  ‘Dissolution’ is her first novel, an epic tale that seamlessly combines historical romance with near-future science fiction. 

Rachel Cole

Rachel is currently working on her first novel for SGA.  She has been fascinated with the world of literature since she was first able to read. Her interests are diverse and range from non-fiction to graphic novels and everything in-between. At a young age, she aspired to be a successful published author; creating short stories, poems, and song lyrics on a daily basis. Rachel mainly writes fantasy and sci-fi stories full of action, adventure, suspense, romance, humor, mystery, and angst. And as a firm believer in equality, she’s resolute in creating characters from all types of race, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds. Born in Florida, she now resides in Colorado with her husband, son, and dog Jack. 


Please follow the link here for a list of our short story authors whose stories have appeared in the Tales from the Perseus Arm anthologies 1 and 2

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