One Step to Publish Your Story

What's Involved in publishing your story?

How do you go about getting published?  Things you have to consider are: having your story assessed, getting the final version edited and proofread, formatting it to work on a host of ePublishing platforms (including Kindle, iPadd, phones, personal computers, laptops etc), formatting it for print publication, publishing and marketing your story.  All these are vital steps to get published.  But there are things to watch out for.  With older publishing methods, you can get stuck having to return your advance if the book does not sell, having to pay for unsold copies, getting tiny percentages (15%, which is taxable) of sales, losing your copyright over the book, and facing all sorts of other pitfalls.

The SGA Advantage for Authors

You can hand it all over to SGA by simply agreeing to the attached Publishing Contract, paying us a fixed price per word (currently 4 cents per word) and granting us a licence and 15% royalty to sell your book for you.  One fixed price.  No other upfront costs.  No hassles for you.  You get the lion's share, that is 85% of any profits made from your book.

The secret most publishers don't want you to know.

Did you know that in the first part of 2013, eBook publishing produced 20% of best sellers worldwide?   Don't get left behind.  Don't let your book sit around and get forgotten.  Work with the brightest people in publishing, ride the crest of the ePublishing wave and get the professional treatment you deserve.  And as a bonus, see yourself in print.

What you need to do

Contact SGA Publications by clicking here if you want to get published.  We'll answer any questions and take the hassle out of publishing for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best: writing.  Check out our 'Prices for Editing and Publishing' page first.

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